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Located in Caledon Hills, Cambium Farms was once a barn in the year 1800s. Completely renovated, this very old barn still keeps its original beauty from the beginning. It can accommodate a maximum of 250 guests with amazing amenities such as a bar, a booth for a DJ, and audiovisual instruments. They also have a space called the Carriage House which is a function area for smaller events. They also have the Farmhouse which is utilised for wedding preparations.

Package Deal

Before the wedding:

  • Meeting the marriage planner and officer days before the ceremony

During the wedding:

  • Mercedes with a private chauffeur to transport couples to the venue
  • Presence of marriage coordinator
  • Marriage official present to officiate wedding vows
  • A supply of champagne
  • Bouquets for the bride and button holes for the groom
  • Free and exclusive use of all amenities
  • 200 photos provided by our expert photographer (also saved on a memory card)


  • All administrative and legal fees covered
  • Signing of witnesses


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