Make Your Love Evident

Let your wedding be the mirror of all the memories and experiences you had with your beloved. Celebrate your wedding with joy, and realize your dream with your partner. Let a new chapter of your love begin with excitement by making your wedding day special.

That is what we want for you here at Equal Marriage. We work hard daily to help you with your dream wedding. Our expert and experienced team members will make your nuptials a reflection of your uniqueness as a pair.

Legalised since 2006, we hold same-sex weddings in Canada where breathtaking sceneries are found. With open arms, we welcome you in making unforgettable memories with your partner along with Equal Marriage to accompany you.

We at Equal Marriage are committed to making gay weddings possible in Canada. We cater to couples who are from different countries all over the globe who want to make their love evident through marriage. Equal Marriage will do all the coordinating for you, from arranging your travel to providing you with the best service and even planning for your wedding cake. Trust us, and we will make the best wedding happen for you.