Coordination Assistance

The following are coordination services that we offer before your wedding day:

  • Complete wedding assistance
  • Pre-wedding assistance
  • Venue selection
  • Accomodation for the couples and guests
  • Collaboration with expert wedding service providers
  • Help in selecting service providers – consultants, designers, officers, florists, entertainers and musicians, famous chefs, caterers, videographers, hair and makeup artists, drivers, and whatever is necessary
  • Assistance in menu selection including beverages, especially wine
  • Provide a compilation of the whole plan with a specific deadline of each action that needs to be done
  • Provide a program plan for the wedding day
  • Frequent meetings with the CEO to ask for guidance

Services on the wedding day:

  • Keep updates with the suppliers
  • Ensure the venue is perfectly set
  • Make certain that both hair and makeup artists are ready
  • Attend the whole wedding ceremony to keep things right on track

Services after the wedding:

  • Completion of all payments towards suppliers
  • Preparing for the honeymoon

Planning Assistance

For couples who have planned and organised their weddings ahead yet would like to be assisted weeks before the wedding, we can assist you with the following services 3 weeks before the wedding day:

  • Book all suppliers and understand the wedding details
  • Set up a schedule for all people involved during the ceremony
  • Send our wedding coordinator to set up the decorations before and during the event then and clean it up the next day

On-the-Wedding Day Assistance

For couples who have already planned out everything for their wedding yet wants to make sure that the ceremony will go smoothly, our on-the-day wedding assistance package will be what you need for the real thing. Days prior to the ceremony, we will communicate will all supplier and give them a schedule to prepare them for the celebration.

We will help set up the venue decorations because our aim is to lend a helping hand to every couple celebrating their relationship.

How We Communicate

We reach out to our clients through phone messages and email. This is our way of addressing the needs of our customers. In this way, we keep a close relationship with them by giving them a sense of security.

Marriage is a once in a lifetime event, so we want everything to be just right for you. For that reason, we have a master wedding coordinator who will do most of the difficult jobs for you. We’ve had years of experience in this field, and that is why we are confident to give you our best shot. In the earlier processes, we will deal with the big things before we go and work on with the details of the wedding.

We have trustworthy suppliers who will offer their full attention to keep things in place before the big day will come. All you need to do is to trust us in the process.