The present CEO of Equal Marriage has more than enough experience in conducting great weddings in Canada. No other person could have handled the company better. She carefully decides the best places in Canada to hold every ceremony that is under the care of Equal Marriage.

Several foreign couples have willingly approached and asked for her personal assistance in having their weddings in Canada. That is why she has all the reasons to accompany the needs of the LGBT community by establishing a company that seeks to help them with their need.

It was then that Equal Marriage was founded, a same-sex marriage planning entity that offers wedding services to gay couples all around the globe. Equal Marriage offers wedding plans that couples can customise so they could achieve their much-awaited dream wedding— happening in the top best wedding places in Canada.

Born and raised in Canada, our CEO will be by your side in every step to make an awe-inspiring wedding happen. Allow her to assist you in every detail, from beginning to last, and make your marriage even more outstanding. Her love for planning, organising, and running the plan with her team is what makes her distinct from all the others.

Moreover, her interest in your love story is what energises her to give her full effort for Equal Marriage and for you.