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a clear wine glass and a small bottle of CBD oil beside a water bottle and a leaf

There is no doubt that CBD or cannabidiol is increasing in popularity. It has become so popular that you might have likely seen it in dinner and cocktail menus and cannabidiol-themed events by celebrities. That’s why it’s not surprising that its sales have increased by over a billion dollars.

One of the reasons for the fame of cannabidiol is its relaxing effects. Medical marijuana has the same effects. But, cannabidiol doesn’t have THC which results in feeling high. Explore these benefits with trusted brands like Exhale Wellness.

If you’re looking for something unique for your big day, keep reading to find out how to incorporate CBD.

Makeup and Skincare

It can be stressful preparing for your wedding. You likely want to have confidence in all the decisions you make. You can feel more at ease when you infuse your routine with cannabidiol, a natural element known for its therapeutic benefits.

If you can make changes in your routine, it’s recommended to have cannabidiol gummies in your hair care. They can not only soothe your scalp and control oil production but also harness anti-inflammatory properties. Some reports and studies suggest that it can help boost hair growth and prevent hair loss and damage.

Extend the benefits of cannabidiol to your skincare routine by incorporating lip balms, cooling mists, and cheek and lip balms infused with this versatile compound. This holistic approach can contribute to eliminating acne redness, alleviating psoriasis, and making you feel more relaxed on your big day, ensuring you radiate beauty from the inside out.


It has been a trend for many years to shower wedding parties as much as the newlywed couple. You can create an elegant box for your groomsmen or bridesmaid filled with cannabidiol treats that can bring them peace and relaxation, adding a touch of wellness to your thoughtful gesture.

You don’t need to curate them since you can buy gift sets like this. Ensure that your wedding party members are using or open to the idea of using cannabidiol before giving it as a gift, allowing you to present them with a unique and soothing token of appreciation for their role in your special day.

a white wedding cake with red flowers and a cake topper bride and groom dancing on top

Cakes and Treats

Many couples have challenges designing and tasting the ideal wedding cake. There are many factors to consider, such as the flavours, layers, and aesthetics. If you want some relaxation, you can include cannabidiol, introducing a unique element that adds a calming touch to your wedding day. Ensure that your preferred cake supplier has a background in making cannabidiol-infused cakes to achieve the perfect blend of taste and tranquillity.

You can also offer edibles for extra benefits for your guests. It’s a safe component for your wedding guests to release tension, gain more energy, and relieve pain because of all the dancing. Enhance the celebration with cannabidiol-infused treats, creating a memorable experience where joy and well-being go hand in hand.


Finally, you know some ways to add cannabidiol on your special day. This component has indeed made its way into the wedding industry, gaining popularity among more and more couples, suppliers, and venues who are open to incorporating it as a unique element or even as a substitute for alcohol in the celebration.

One crucial aspect to consider is the rules of the city, county, or venue where you’ll hold your wedding before making assumptions or signing contracts. Being mindful of the regulations ensures a seamless integration of cannabidiol into your wedding festivities, allowing you to create a memorable and stress-free celebration for everyone involved.


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