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The present CEO of Equal Marriage has more than enough experience in conducting great weddings in Canada. No other person could have handled the company better. She carefully decides the best places in Canada to hold every ceremony that is under the care of Equal Marriage.
Several foreign couples have willingly approached and asked for her personal assistance in having their weddings in Canada. That is why she has all the reasons to accompany the needs of the LGBT community by establishing a company that seeks to help them with their need.
It was then that Equal Marriage was founded, a same-sex marriage planning entity that …


Ways to Incorporate CBD in Your Wedding

There is no doubt that CBD or cannabidiol is increasing in popularity. It has become so popular that you might have likely seen it in dinner and cocktail menus and cannabidiol-themed events by celebrities. That’s why it’s not surprising that its sales have increased by over a billion dollars.
One of the reasons for the fame of cannabidiol is its relaxing effects. Medical marijuana has the same effects. But, cannabidiol doesn’t have THC which results in feeling high. Explore these benefits with trusted brands like Exhale Wellness.
If you’re looking for …

How CBD Oil Helps You Glow on Your Wedding Day

A wedding is one of the happiest milestones in a woman’s life. But, many brides feel stressed because of the wedding preparations such as the gown, reception, flowers, cake, and many more. This is why some of them experience crying, breaking out, or having hives.
Fortunately, there is a safe and healthy way to avoid stress on this big day with cannabidiol oil, Delta 8 carts, or other CBD-infused products. Continue reading to find out how cannabidiol oil can give you a glow on your wedding day.
A Lot of Antioxidants
Antioxidants can help remove free radicals from the …

Wedding Stress: Can CBD be Helpful?

One of the top happiest life moments is your wedding. However it is true that, planning a wedding is often stressful for the bride and groom. This is mainly because many couples want it to be perfect since it’s meant to be a memorable day.
However, there are few healthy things that you can do to fight the wedding pressures and avoid a total meltdown. You can loosen up through activities like meditation, spa massage, and a relaxing bath. And the most part, couples can rely on CBD Gummies as far as managing wedding stress is concerned.
Can CBD Help with Wedding …

Gender Differences In Smoking Tobacco

According to most vaping industry experts, tobacco has been around for about 6,000 B.C. It has been known to help people in relieving stress and was even claimed to assist people medically.
Nowadays, tobacco is the most popular as the main ingredient of cigarettes. Numerous men and women all around the world smoke it, for different reasons. Between these genders, men use tobacco products more than women do. Behavioral, physiological, and cultural agents may have caused these differences.
Different Effects between Men and Women
Neuroimaging studies show that men find smoking …

Hillside Lodge and Chalets in British Columbia

Hillside Lodge and Chalets is one of the most famous wedding venues in British Columbia. It has everything a groom and bride will possibly need for an unforgettable wedding day. It is a family-run business that has been operating for more than ten years in holding amazing wedding ceremonies. For couples who have only a few guests, this place can accommodate a maximum of 120 persons.
Package Deal
Before the wedding:

Meeting the marriage planner and officer days before the ceremony

During the wedding:

Mercedes with a private chauffeur to transport couples to the venue
Presence …

The Wedding Services We Offer

Coordination Assistance
The following are coordination services that we offer before your wedding day:

Complete wedding assistance
Pre-wedding assistance
Venue selection
Accomodation for the couples and guests
Collaboration with expert wedding service providers
Help in selecting service providers – consultants, designers, officers, florists, entertainers and musicians, famous chefs, caterers, videographers, hair and makeup artists, drivers, and whatever is necessary
Assistance in menu selection including beverages, especially wine
Provide a compilation …

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