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Smoking Tobacco

According to most vaping industry experts, tobacco has been around for about 6,000 B.C. It has been known to help people in relieving stress and was even claimed to assist people medically.

Nowadays, tobacco is the most popular as the main ingredient of cigarettes. Numerous men and women all around the world smoke it, for different reasons. Between these genders, men use tobacco products more than women do. Behavioral, physiological, and cultural agents may have caused these differences.

Different Effects between Men and Women

Neuroimaging studies show that men find smoking tobacco satisfying more than women do. This finding supports the notion that men smoke because they like the nicotine’s effects, while women do to organize their mood or to react on cigarette-related indications.

A study that focuses on men and women smokers who are attempting to quit, found that minor levels of cortisol indicated relapse in male individuals, and major level of cortisol predicted relapse in female individuals during their abstinence.

Another study focusing on abstinence also stated that using a nicotine cigarette mitigated the indications of recession and foul mood better in men compared to women. The level of relief of smoking nicotine and non-nicotine cigarette on women are the same. This statement suggests that men are more satisfied with nicotine than women are.

Biological Factors

Cigarette craving, which is caused by nicotine, is the main cause why smokers cannot quit easily. This can be elicited by stress and sensory cues. According to research, women experience cigarette craving more than men, but men are more sensitive to environmental signs.

Furthermore, international surveys administered in four industrial countries stated that both genders do not differ in their desire, plans, and attempts to quit smoking; however, women are more likely to fail their attempts in quitting. One of the reasons for this is that they gain weight after quitting.

The lower rate of cessation of smoking in women opines sex differences when it comes to certain medications. An example of this is varenicline. This medication displays greater short-term and immediate-term effectiveness among women smokers.

However, men and women show parallel quit rates when using varenicline in a 1-year term. On the other hand, the use of the synthesis of varenicline and bupropion in cessation is more effective in men than in women.

Another factor that may have different effects of tobacco between men and women is pregnancy. Obviously, this factor does not affect men for they do not get pregnant. Smoking tobacco while pregnant increases the possibility of health problems not only for the mother but also for her developing child. These problems include Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, premature birth, birth defects, and low birth weight.

These are only some of the differences between men and women when it comes to smoking tobaccos. These differences may be changed when it comes to vaping since vaping requires a different device and a different form of nicotine.


Aside from cultural factors, the composition of both genders’ bodies allows and displays distinctive effects from smoking tobaccos. These effects, may it be dissimilar for both genders, are not desirable.

Dependence and addiction to tobaccos have long been proven to be lethal because it targets every organ in the body. If you avoid smoking, you will not only prevent yourself from an unpleasant death, you will also save your family from paying the hospital a very large amount of money.


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