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Wedding T-shirts

If you are getting married and looking for something unique to provide as a gift in return for your family and guests on the actual wedding day, custom T-shirts can be the best option for you. Since they became an important part of the most memorable day of your life, such a gift would also be of great value for those who would receive them.

This article can help you out with the benefits of choosing this idea as well as other information that you might need in doing so.

Benefits of a Customized Wedding T-shirt

The idea of wedding t-shirts provides personal sentiments with your family and guests. It also gives a more unique experience in any wedding ritual. When it comes to a themed wedding, this idea is also acceptable, and it can make your wedding remarkable. Since the shirts are customized, it makes you feel more special.

What Type of Printing Suits Best?

For the print, screen printing can be the best option to make your custom T-shirts look more awesome. The output creates a more visual impact, and its ink can be printed ticker, which ensures longevity and a brighter appearance.

Choose a reliable and high-quality fabric for the shirts. Bulk printing also allows your order to be prioritized in printing companies due to its number.


If you are worried about how much you will cost, it will not sink your budget. You would spend so much with your decorations and food compared to the customized wedding shirts. When having a bulk shirt printing, you would even receive a discounted rate for each shirt – see it like a wholesale order where each product is discounted. You may also choose different colors of shirts to make your ceremony more colorful, but if you do not prefer a multicolored ceremony, you may also stick to the theme color of your wedding instead.

Why Choose This Idea?

Since the family and guests would be wearing the shirts, it will even uplift the beauty of the outfit of the bride and groom, as all of the attention when it comes to the clothing will be focused on the couple. It makes the wedding even more special.

Just avoid the black color as it does not typically suit for a wedding. You may choose the bright ones like yellow, peach, pink, sky blue, and any other pastel colors.

Other Wedding Shirt Idea

Other gatherings have color coding for the clothing depending on their relationship status. Before the wedding, family and guests should be sent an invitation letter that includes an attached paper with a list of color-coding that they can put a ‘check’ mark on.

White – Married

Yellow – Engaged

Blue – In a Relationship

Red – Single

Pink – Not Interested

Once all of the sheets are returned to the wed-to-be, they will now have the idea of the total number of shirts that they can print depending on the color. The wedding would even have a different kind of experience, not only to the couple but also to the guests.


Just by having custom T-shirts for the family and guests, you would be able to step up your special day with them. May these tips helped you out in deciding if you will choose this idea or not.

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