The natural points at the woman being more suited for the kitchen role

Published July 21, 2016

woman_cooking1There has always been debate about who is best suited for the kitchen between the man and the woman. The debate has especially been amplified in recent times due to the drive for equality in marriage and the liberalization of the woman. The woman feels that she is being devalued by being entrusted with kitchen issues especially since the man is usually idle when the woman is toiling in the kitchen.

Since ancient times, the woman was the one who was responsible for managing all kitchen activities. In my view, the woman was not allocated these duties out of a malicious ploy of devaluing her. This must have been after carefully assessing the strengths of the woman and the man and deciding who was best suited for the role.

One major aspect that makes the woman best suited for the kitchen role is the fact that the woman is usually a mother. A mother’s role often is to ensure that the child is well nourished up to adult hood. Nourishment entails provision of food. Being a mother, a woman is naturally blessed to be sensitive about the nutritional needs of the child.

For example, a mother will be keener to feed a child on a balanced diet. Mothers are usually seen storing away important health supplements such as protein and vitamin supplements and important medicinal remedies such as paracetamol and other natural remedies in the kitchen. A man is less likely to do this as he is naturally macho and may look at such things as being petty whereas they are important and may come in handy in the home.

A woman is usually also more attuned to sanitation. A kitchen needs very high cleanliness standards and a woman is best placed to ensure such standards unlike a man who may not be very sanitary.

Women are also better at multi-tasking and performing the dexterous tasks that are undertaken in the kitchen. A woman is naturally wired to be able to manage various tasks at the same time which is a great asset for someone working in the kitchen. A woman will be able to concentrate on the progress of several meals cooking at the same time whereas a man might have a hard time doing it. A man is better suited at concentrating on one task at a time.

Men are also not as patient as women. A man might find it very difficult to patiently wait for food to cook while he just waits idly. Today men are at least being helped by the new appliances such the electric rice cooker and electric pressure cookers that can be programmed to automatically cook food without the need for supervision.

It is also natural that a woman will want to serve others whereas a man will appreciate being served.

Things are however changing in modern times especially with the women now working similar jobs and having similar successes in their careers just like men. As such, when they get home, the women want to be treated the same as the man.

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