Marriage and Work Life Balance- Making it Work

Published May 29, 2016

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There was a time when work and offices are the domain of men, and women are expected to stay at home and take care of the kids. But this lifestyle arrangement is dated, and often a description given to a patriarchal society. Today, this kind of arrangement is no longer true, with many women finding their unique roles in a modern and emerging community. Women are starting to become effective decision makers in different parts of the world. Even in politics, women are starting to gain positions and influence. For example, in the United States, at least 90 women serve in the US Congress (2009). But one need not go that far- even in the private sector, women are starting to make their presence felt. Women now go to work, and forego their usual jobs in their homes. But this modern arrangement comes with its own set of problems. Partners complain about relationship stress, problems and worse, the disintegration of marriage. Although the demands of work can weigh down on families, there are still some approaches that can be considered. And the best strategy is to manage stress, and stop thinking about oneself. In preserving marriage, it is best to pay attention to your partner, and other persons directly involved in the marriage.

Pay Attention to Different Steps and Strategies to Maintain Harmony and Balance

There are no perfect marriages in life and stress is but normal at work, but you can always strive hard to keep it balanced. Even if you are working in a high- stress environment as a licensed practical nurse, you can still tap into tested strategies to keep yourself grounded and to protect your marriage.

One important key to a balanced life is the need to prioritize. You should know your ultimate career, and which one becomes your ‘support career’. And as a married person, your family is your ultimate career. It is important not to lose sight of the fact that the reason you are working is for your family and for the kids. If you don’t prioritize your partner or kids, then there’s a big chance that your family relationship will deteriorate over time.

Communication and Trust are Important in a Relationship

A balanced relationship is anchored on open communication and trust. In fact, the amount of communication should be directly proportional to the amount of work. For example, if you’re too busy attending to the needs of the patients in your white uniform and nursing shoes, then you also need to spend that amount of time communicating and keeping in touch with your family. And when it comes to communication, it pays to be open and be trustworthy.  Stick with your commitments and the promises you’ve made. If you have decided that Sunday is family day or a date night, then it should be honored. And if there are some emergency commitments or requirements at the hospital, it pays to come clean and stay true.

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