Healthy from the Inside Out

Published May 10, 2016

Healthy from the Inside Out

Cider vinegar, which is also known as apple cider vinegar, is made through fermenting apple juice. ACV pills have helped a lot of people over the years. Throughout the distillation process microorganisms convert sugar, or carbohydrates, into acetic acid. Proponents of cider vinegar claim this solution is capable of healing various health ailments, which include diabetes, cardiovascular system issues and obesity. Because of the unpleasant taste of cider vinegar, manufacturers have created cider vinegar tablets to streamline the consumption process. As with any natural supplement, cider vinegar tablets pose the risk of adverse side effects.

Cider vinegar tablets are very acidic as its main active ingredient is acetic acid. Acetic acid may cause adverse side effects such as upset stomach, heartburn and throat irritation. Consuming large amounts of acetic acid increases the likelihood of developing side effects. Due to the acidity in these tablets, eMedTV states throat irritation and throat burns have been reported. The “Journal of the American Dietetic Association” cites information from the University of Arkansas Department of Human Environmental Science where researchers investigated a total of eight apple cider vinegar tablets after a report of esophageal injury.

The active constituents within cider vinegar tablets may cause low potassium levels within the bloodstream, according to eMedTV. Having low potassium in your blood results in a condition known as hypokalemia. Hypokalemia may cause symptoms such as constipation, muscle weakness, abnormal heart rhythm and fatigue. While hypokalemia only occurs if you have a significant drop in potassium levels, it may be treated by consuming potassium supplements and eliminating cider vinegar from your supplement routine.

A lot of people call mini food processors mini food choppers, and there are some small processors with very small motors that are good for chopping nuts or a small quantity of herbs, but none of them get particularly good reviews for performance or durability. Several manual food choppers, on the other hand, get raves for their convenience, ease of use, and small size. They’re also great for travel — those who camp or travel in RV’s love these gadgets.

The Pampered Chef Cutting Edge Food Chopper (Est. $33) is far and away the best reviewed of these manual choppers by both experts and owners. It’s decidedly low tech, you place herbs, nuts or cut up pieces of vegetables in the small rubber lid or on a cutting board, position the chopper over it, and “slap” down on the handle to activate the chopper. It’s not something you want to use for big jobs — your hand would end up pretty battered and bruised — but it’s a heck of a lot faster than using a knife to mince herbs, an onion, or ingredients for a salad.

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