5 Benefits of Getting Winchester Gun Safes

Published January 7, 2017
photo credit: Thomas Hawk I've Got a Gun via photopin (license)

photo credit: Thomas Hawk I’ve Got a Gun via photopin (license)

Having a reliable gun safe is a must for individuals who collect ammo of various sizes either for work or leisure because these are armaments that cause an accident to the owner or other people when only left lying around the house. Not to mention, no one can foresee if a burglar or house fire will take place; that’s why it is best to keep the handheld or long guns protected within a safe a long time before a mishap occurs.

Among the manufacturers of safes in the United States, one brand stands out the most – the Winchester Safes. Read on to see the five benefits of getting a Winchester 10 gun safe.

#1. Excellent Fire Resistance  

The ammo proprietors can secure the doors and windows around their homestead to keep the robbers out, but the fire is a much stronger enemy that can burn down the property and melt safes created from feeble materials. With this bit in mind, the company continues to structure their gun boxes with sealants that expand when heated, as well as solid steel frames that can withstand up to 1400 degrees Fahrenheit of heat from 45 minutes up to two hours, depending on the safe that the person will get.

#2. Advanced Anti-Burglar System

Thieves are as dangerous as fires because they too can swipe all the prized arms of the homeowner if they devise an evil plan to break into the house without being noticed by anyone. However, Winchester Safes has already thought of every possible loophole that the burglars may find in their security boxes and subjected the latter to various tests before marketing them. The result is a broad range of safes with high external hinges and large deadbolts which they cannot tamper with quickly. This includes a state-of-the-art fingerprint scanner. Read more about it here on this article about the fingerprint gun safe.

#3. Different Safe Choices

The brand offers eight distinct lines of gun vessels to consumers. They are all capable of providing a high level of protection that owners need. The main difference is that while the security boxes that have smaller ammo capacity can endure heat for a shorter period, the types that hold 20 armaments or more have prolonged lifespan when there is fire. Of course, only the proprietor can tell the size of the safe they require at home.

#4. Made from High-Quality Materials

As mentioned above, Winchester Safes cannot produce excellent products if they have not invested in top-caliber resources that contribute to the durability of the items. They make use of several deadbolts to ensure that the guns are sealed well in the container and cut the steel door and body in a manner that they are difficult to open manually or even with the help of prying tools. Also, Palusol Heat Expandable Door Seal locks the flap in place and does not allow hot air or smoke to go inside the box in times of disaster.

#5. Designed and Crafted in the USA

The company only has a manufacturing plant in the US. It ensures that the merchandise will not have to cross borders and get damaged along the way.

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